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From the Preamble to our Constitution:


The Association of United Ukrainian Canadians is a progressive
organization with strong and durable roots in the people and
history of Canada. The Association and its community, from
the tum of the century, constitute the progressive wing of the
Ukrainian ethnic group in the population. They are the offspring
and heir to those beginnings that grew out of the early formative
years of community development and the struggle to survive.
What began as an organization and community of immigrant
labour, typical of its time, is an Association today with a
broad popular base and contemporary democratic goals in a
changing social culture and lifestyle. The Association and its
predecessors have always been committed to change and
progress in the interests of the people. This commitment
remains as a trust and a duty.

The Association embodied the dream that brought countless
thousands to this country with the future in their eyes. They
came here as builders, to the frontiers of nation building and
they helped to transform this land and their own lives in the
process. The Association has a vested interest in peace on
that road to the future.

Generations of those born to the pioneers and their children
found “a home away from home" in the network of halls across
the land. These were places to grow, learn and to acquire
and enjoy the precious heritage of their birthright. The new
generations deserve no less.

The Association and its predecessors always sought to
establish and maintain creative contacts and living ties with the

ancestral homeland and the mother root of Ukrainian

The Association has always promoted tourism and
cultural exchange as a means of strengthening ties and
building bridges of friendship and peace between peoples of
one historic family. The future of a new and expanding culture
depends upon continued nourishment from the mother root.
TheAssociation has evolved through a numberof organizational
stages due to conditions and climate of the time. It came on
the scene as the Ukrainian Labour Temple Association (1918-
1924); followed by the Ukrainian Labour- Farmer Temple
Association (1925-1946); the Ukrainian Association to Aid
the Fatherland (1941-1942); the Association of Ukrainian
Canadians (1942-1946); and finally, the Association of United
Ukrainian Canadians (1946).

The mission of AUUC Edmonton Branch 2 is to provide support for Ukrainian Culture